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In order to respond to buyer research, we are looking for farmhouses, bastides, vineyards ... and exceptional place. Your home seems to answer to one of these searches, contact us to propose us your real estate. Our buyers thank you !
Some of our clients are actively looking for the following assets :

Châteaux, Bastides & Properties 

Small castle or country house with park and outbuildings. Budget 5 milions euros . Rose

Ref 1363R

Renovated farmhouse of 500 m² with 3 ha, 6 bedrooms minimum . Less than 2 millions euros . Pierre

Ref 1360R

Country house with park and view on the countryside...less than 10 min from Aix En Provence . Budget : up to 3 millions euros . Karen

Ref 1347R

Farmhouse of 300 m² + guest's part. Ideally small Hamlet in dominating location and nice renovation. Gordes or Ménerbes area. Budget : 1.200.000 to 2.300.000 €. Martial

Ref 1335R

Provencal farmhouses & residences 

Farmhouse with 5 bedrooms, high quality services, view...Up to 2.500.000 € for this exceptional property near Gordes or Ménerbes. Jacques and Véronique

Ref 1356R

Renovated farmhouse of 300 m² with at least 5000 m² of land. Decoration works only. No road noise. Mathieu Ref 1349R

Farmhouse of 300 m² less than 5 min from Lourmarin. Budget up to 1.300.000 €. Paul

Ref 1340R

Sheepfold of 250 m² with 1 hectare of land and no noise. Area of Simiane-la-Rotonde/ Viens . Budget : 1.000.000 €. Franck Ref 1339R

Farmhouse or sheepfold of 250 m² with nice view. From 900.000 to 1.200.000€ depending of the site and the property 's quality. Ludovic Ref 1332R

Village houses & Apartements 

Ref 1365R

Village house facing South with view. Land of at least 1000 m². Budget 850.000 €. Corinne et Patrick Ref 1364R

Luberon village as Goult, house of at least 200 m² with view and garden. Less than 900.000€ . Franck Ref 1362R

Bordering or in the village of Ménerbes, large house with at least 800 m² of garden. Urgent search. Payment without funding. Between 600.000 et 1.200.000 € David
Ref 1338R

Villas & Building grounds 

Looking for a nice place. No matter the house or the plot if there is a nice view. Heavy work ok. Investment for seasonal rentals. Ideal Goult or Ménerbes. Less than 300.000 € for purchase. Pamela and Yves Ref 1346R

Building plot with view. At least 1500 m² and possibility to built a house of 150 m² with swimming pool. Budget : around 180.000 € . Alain. Ref 1345R

Hotels & Guest houses 

Hotel with 15 or 20 bedrooms in the Luberon park. No nuisance and in good condition. Ok for decoration work. Up to 2,5 millions euros if existing activity. Charlotte

Ref 1361R

Looking for a charming hotel or a guest house (minimum of 8 bedroom with the private part) near the Luberon, area of Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Lagnes...Budget : around 1,2 millions euros. Paul Ref 1321R

Vineyards & Farm lands 

Vineyard in activity in South Luberon. Less than 3.000.000 € . Marc Ref 1358R

20 or 30 ha in Côte of Provence to product some Rosé. Less than 2 millions. Buildings already on the spot. Michel Ref 1352R

Searching for an agricultural shed with Luberon or Ventoux listed vineyard. Area of Goult / Lacoste /Ménerbes...80.000 to 150.000 € . Pierre Ref 1351R

For foreign investors : Wine growing estate with at least 50 ha and numerous buildings. Ideal with 200 to 400 ha of woods and 50 ha of vineyard. Famous vineyard with large turnover. Budget : up to 20 millions euros. John & Cie ... Ref 1333R

Ventoux or Luberon listed vineyard. Minimum 8 ha, equipped cellar and housing. Existing sales network (possibilities of development).Budget : between 1 and 2 millions euros depending of the wine quality and the existing turnover. W Investment Ref 1327R

Côtes du Rhône or Côtes du Ventoux vineyards. Nice house, winery in perfect condition and

 existing sales network. At least 10 ha of vineyards. Budget : between 2 and 3 millions euros. Sébastien

Ref 1312R

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